Foundation Purpose of the Association


The association was established, in the field of civil society at the national and international level, with the aim of protecting the environment & quality of life & sustainable development & lifelong learning & social inclusion, respecting for the rights of humans & all living creatures & conscientious consumption of resources, increasing the level of economic growth and prosperity, from the perspective of reducing the problems and needs coming from the past and delivering them to the next generation by adopting trust, instead of inheritance.

Our Achievements

Our Success

We have been working for Turkey's Sustainable Development since 2017. We aim to eliminate social and economic inequality with a holistic perspective. We aim to increase the income and quality of life of everyone at every age, with the principle of equal opportunity.



Our association sheds light on a sustainable future by contributing effectively to the strategic development plans of our country. We support development by carrying out cooperation projects in different sectors with the understanding of total teamwork. At the same time, we develop sustainable development models at the national and international level and undertake solution-oriented projects for a better future.Footer: 2023 SKD. All rights reserved. This website is made by DuoSoft.

Strategic Development Plan

Strategic development of our country for a sustainable future we are actively contributing to their plans.



We are working in all sectors with the perspective of working together and collectively in development.


Future Design

We produce national and international projects for a better future with the sustainable development model.